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Lady of Guadalupe Festivities 2011 in Barra de Navidad, Cihuatlan, Villa Obregon and Melaque

Lady of Guadalupe -Virgen de Guadalupe 

Our Lady of Guadalupe (Virgen of Guadalupe) celebrations is one of the most important religious festivities in Mexico. The celebrations start in October 26th  and end on Dec. 12th.

Celebrations in Cihuatlan, Barra de Navidad, Villa Obregón and Melaque include novenas, rosaries, veladas, and on Dec. 12th. Danzas and Floats. A description of the meaning of each of these can be found in this post: Lady of Guadalupe - Rosaries, Altars, Novenas, Floats and Parade, Pilgrimages inBarra de Navidad, Villa Obregon, Melaque and Cihuatlan.

Calendar for 2011 Festivities

December 11 Lady of Guadalupe Eve celebrations
  • Colonia Ejidal : 5:00 pm. Mass and Mariachi serenade in honor of the Lady of Guadalupe.
  • El Aguacate: 6:00 pm. Pilgrimage with Lady of Guadalupe images. 6:30 pm Mass and Mariachi serenade in honor of the Lady of Guadalupe.
  • San Felipe: (barrio Barra de Navidad). 7:45 pm Mass, blessing of images and music in honor of the Lady Of Guadalupe.
  • Jaluco : 8:45 pm Mass and "Mañanitas" serenade in honor of the Lady of Guadalupe.
  • Barra de Navidad Church: 7:00 Ordinary Mass celebration. 10:00 pm Mass and Mariachi serenade in honor of the Lady of Guadalupe.

December 12 Lady of Guadalupe Celebrations
  • Jaluco : 6:00 am. Mass. 5:30 pm. Pilgrimae with images, blessing of roses, mass, kermesse, castillo and toritos.
  • Barra de Navidad church: 12:00 pm Blessing of images and roses.  6:30 pm Pilgrimage of the Barra de Navidad community with Danzas, Virgen of Guadalupe images and starts. The pilgrimage start by the football field in Nueva España ave. All the different sectors, barrios of Barra de Navidad join this pilgrimage. The community is invited to dress as inditos (Juan Diego outfit) and inditas for women.
  • Cihuatlan: 

          Dec 1st. - Dec 11th. Veladas, Pilgrimages and Rosaries.
          Dec 12th

                4:30 am Church Ringing Bells, pilgrimage and rosary in the Parroquia de la Santa Cruz
                5:30 am Mañanitas and Mass.
                8:30 am First Communion Mass
               11:00 am Pilgrimage of the whole town
               12:00 pm Solemn Mass by Bishop Gonzalo Galván Castillo
                 5:00 pm Floats and Danzas
                 8:00 pm Solemn Mass to the Virgin Mary, blessing of roses and images.
                At the end of the mass celebration in the main square with live music (Tamborazo Banda "El Cihualteco") and traditional Mexican fireworks: castillos and toritos.

  • Villa Obregón and Melaque
          The Virgen of Guadalupe is also the patron of Villa Obregon, so, these are also Fiestas Patronales and                         Melaque community join them.
           Dec 1st. - Dec 12th.
                5:30 am Rosary and Pilgrimage with the Virgen of Guadalupe image and Floats to the Villa Obregon church.
                6:00 am Mañanitas and Mass
                5:00 pm Pilgrimage
                6:00 pm Mass. After the mass traditional Mexican fireworks: toritos and castillos.
all night Veladas in Barrios.

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