Monday, 6 January 2014

Mexican Christmas Traditions - Levantada del Niño Dios

Levantada del Niño Dios

Baby Jesus dresses for the "Levantada del Niño Dios " celebration
From January 6th until February 2nd. people in Mexico celebrate another Christmas Tradition known as "Levantada del Niño Dios". In this celebration the image of Baby Jesus is dressed up with clothing (dress, shoes, socks, hat, etc ) brought by friends invited as godparents. lullabies are song and the image of Baby Jesus is placed on a tray with chocolates and candies. Each person kiss the image and take some candies from the tray.
The dresses sold for this ceremony are similar to the ones babies wear for the baptism ceremony, but, we can also find dresses that represent different saints.

Baby Jesus dresses for the "Levantada del Niño Dios" celebration
Baby Jesus dressed up for "Levantada del Niño Dios"
miniature dresses for  "Levantada del Niño Dios"


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