Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Mexican Christmas Celebrations - Posadas in Barra de Navidad

scene showing children breaking a piñata during a posada celebration.

Posadas is a 9 days celebration (Novenario de Las Posadas) that symbolizes the journey of Joseph and Mary to Belen and the problems they had to endure to find a place to stay (posada).

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The schedule for the posadas 2010 in Barra de Navidad is as follow:
Posadas schedule 2010 in Barra de Navidad

Barra de Navidad is divided by sectors, colonias and barrios. 
Each posada starts at 7:30 pm with the Rosary followed by a Mass at 8:00 pm. Some posadas will included pastorelas. Ask the neighbors when the posada will be held in their sector as everybody is welcome to attend.

Wed. 15 Colonia San Ignacio and Colimilla
Thur. 16 Barrio San Felipe de Jesús. This will held in the San Felipe de Jesús Church.
Fri.    17 El Aguacate
Sat. 18   Colonia Infonavit-Brisas
Sun. 19  Sector 5 and Fraccionamiento Pueblo Nuevo
Mon 20 Sector 1 Barra de Navidad
Tue 21 Sector 2 Barra de Navidad
Wed 22 Sector 3 Barra de Navidad
Thu 23 Sector 4 Barra de Navidad
Fri. 24 Colonias: La Ejidal, Perlitas y Gallo Colorado

piñata with 7 cones that represent the 7 deadly sins

shepherd outfit for a Mexican pastorela

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