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Mexican Christmas Traditions - Las Posadas in the barrio of Barra de Navidad

Barra de Navidad barrio church
One of the Mexican Christmas celebrations are "Las Posadas" and "Patorelas". The barrio in Barra de Navidad celebrates these beautiful traditions in the most authentic way thanks to a group of neighbors lead by Doña Petra.

children gather in the barrio church to walk in a parade to celebrate "la posada"
Enthusiastic children dressed up as Joseph, Mary, shepherds, angels and devils including "luzbel" (lucifer) gather in the church of the Barra de Navidad barrio where a mass is celebrated around 7:00 pm. for the first posada and a Rosary is prayed around 6:00 pm for the next ones. After the mass children and adults walk in a parade singing Mexican Christmas carols toward the street where "la posada" takes place.

All the attendants to the "posada" participate singing the verses of the reenactment of Joseph and Mary looking for lodging. A pinata that represent the evil or 7 sins (if it has seven cones) is broken by the children with a stick that represents the triumph of good over evil. The pinata is filled with fruits like pieces of sugar cane, mandarins, oranges, peanuts and candies.

An appetizer is served and children are given "bolos" bags with traditional Mexican Christmas candies and cookies and also fruits.
bolo given to children in a posada that contains mandarin, peanuts, sugar cane, mexican candies (colaciones) , tejocote
Posadas last for 9 days from Dec. 16th to Dec. 24th. and everybody is welcome to attend. So, if you are visiting Barra de Navidad or Melaque don't miss the opportunity to attend this nice tradition.
Traditional Mexican Posadas in the barrio "San Felipe de Jesus"

The barrio "San Felipe de Jesús" of Barra de Navidad is located along the "Nueva Espana" street. The church   is located in O. Indico and Ejidatarios streets.

Barra de Navidad Mapquest shows all the streets of Barra de Navidad including the barrio.

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Schedule of  "posadas" in Barra de Navidad 2010.

mass for a "posada" at St. Philip of Jesus church in the barrio in Barra de Navidad.

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