Friday, 29 May 2009

Mamey - A Delicious Mexican Tropical Fruit - Barra de Navidad

Mamey is native of Mexico, the pulp of this fruit has a similar consistency of an avocado and a beautiful brownie- orange color, the way to eat it is just spoon it out of the skin, prepared as ice-cream, or in delicious “licuados” (milk shakes/smoothies).

When it is ripe you need to eat it, I would say whiting 2 days, but you can keep it longer if you freeze it by scooping the pulp with a spoon in small portions and then use it to prepare “licuados” (milkshakes/smoothies).

You will find mamey milk shakes at any “puesto de jugos y licuados de frutas” (juice fruits stands) in Mexico, but it is a seasonal fruit so; you won’t find it all-year round. In Barra de Navidad you can try them for example at Loncheria Karina (Av. Lopez de Legaspi and Jalisco st.) or the Ladies of the “puesto de jugos y licuados” (fresh juice, smoothes and milk-shakes) in front of the main plaza in Av. Veracruz, or with Rosy in Melaque at the corner of Esmeralda and Miguel Hidalgo streets; but if you want to prepare it yourself here is the recipe:

1 glass of milk

½ tablespoon Vanilla Extract

3 spoons of mamey pulp


Put everything on the blender and enjoy!!!

The seed of the mamey is used also to prepare a hair treatment, Karina (from Loncheria Karina) explained me the procedure but I have not try it yet, so, I will try it first an tell you what happen in a future post.

You can buy mamey for example in Abarrotes Pelayo in the barrio of Barra de Navidad, and also with Rosalba, she sell fruits and vegetables in her pickup driving in the streets of Barra. One more thing, when you want to buy mamey be careful not to buy zapote instead, they look very similar but taste different.